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Evolution Team Pages

Evolution Practice Schedule

Master Practice Schedule for all Teams & Seasons. There's a tab for every season and the schedule includes notes on MNF, Agility & Fitness and Goalkeeper sessions also.

CCSAI Boys Classic League (CL) 2018/2019

Evolution 00B Scannell, 03B Donnelly & 08B Struminskyj play in the top league.

Lake Highlands Girls Classic League (LHGCL) 2018/2019

Evolution 04G McMillian & 08G Boyle play in the top girls league.

Plano Premier Invitational League (PPIL) 2018/2019

14 Evolution Select (U11+) teams play in the PPIL.

Texas Clubs Soccer League (TCSL) 2018-19

New team 08G O'Neill plays in this new league!

U6-U10 NTPSA Youth League - Fall 2018

Evolution Academy (U6-U10) teams play in NTPSA's Sunday league.

We Use TeamSnap

All our Evo teams and training groups are set up on TeamSnap.  Please go there for rosters, schedules, and general information, and contact your coach or manager if you need an invite to "join" the site.  Read Getting the Most out of TeamSnap so you will!

2018-19 Teams & Leagues

Age Format Team & Coach League Notes
U19 11v11 00B Scannell Classic U19 (D2) Welcome to Classic League!
U17 11v11 02B O'Shea PPIL U17 Boys (D2)
U17 11v11 02G Luong PPIL U17 Girls (D1)
U16 11v11 03B Boyle PPIL U16 Boys (D2)
U16 11v11 03B Donnelly Classic U16 (D1)
U15 11v11 04B Scannell PPIL U15 Boys (D1)
U15 11v11 04G McMillian LHGCL (D3) Welcome to Classic League!
U14 11v11 05B Donnelly PPIL U14 Boys (D4)
U14 11v11 05B Scannell PPIL U14 Boys (D1)
U14 11v11 05G McMillian PPIL U14 Girls (D2)
U13 11v11 06B Donnelly PPIL U13 Boys (D3)
U13 11v11 06B McMillian PPIL U13 Boys (D1)
U13 11v11 06G Struminskyj PPIL U13 Girls (D1)
U12 9v9 07B O'Shea PPIL U12 Boys (D3)
U12 9v9 07G Struminskyj PPIL U12 Girls (D1)
U11 9v9 08B Luong PPIL U11 Boys (D2)
U11 9v9 08B Struminskyj Classic U11 (D1) Welcome to Classic League!
U11 9v9 08G Boyle LHGCL U11 (D3) Welcome to Classic League!
U11 9v9 08G O'Neill TCSL U11 Girls (tbd)
U11 9v9 08G O'Shea PPIL U11 Girls (D1)
U10 9v9 09B McMillian NTPSA Boys U10 (9v9) Bronze
U10 7v7 09B Struminskyj NTPSA Boys U10 (7v7) Silver
U10 7v7 09B Scannell NTPSA Boys U10 (7v7) Bronze
U10 7v7 09G Boyle NTPSA Girls U10 (7v7) Bronze
U9 7v7 10B O'Shea NTPSA Boys U9 (7v7) Silver
U9 7v7 10B Scannell NTPSA Boys U9 (7v7) Bronze
U9 7v7 10G Boyle NTPSA Girls U9 (7v7) Bronze
U8 7v7* 11B Donnelly NTPSA Boys U8 (7v7) Gold *Playing 7v7
U8 4v4 11B Scannell NTPSA Boys U8 (4v4) Bronze
U8 4v4 11G O'Neill NTPSA Girls U8 (4v4) Gold
U8 4v4 11G Scannell NTPSA Girls U8 (4v4) Bronze
U7 4v4 12B Green (O'Neill) NTPSA Boys U7 (4v4) Silver
U7 4v4 12B White (O'Neill) NTPSA Boys U7 (4v4) Bronze
U7 4v4 12G O'Neill NTPSA Girls U7 (4v4) Bronze