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Rain out numbers
BESA: 817-354-4774
BAYFA: 817-503-9700
CFBSA: 972-245-9307
CSA: 817-251-8586
CYSA: 972-436-8648
DSA: 940-268-3939
EMSA: 817-438-8855
GLASA: 972-738-9700
GSSA: 817-410-9950
GNWSA: (Trophy Club) 682-831-4640
GNWSA: (Roanoke) 817-430-8770
HUSA: 817-504-7479
KSA: 817-431-6453
LCSA: 940-497-5109
NFWASA: 817-953-6711
TCYSA: 972-370-3091

Lightning Warning

Lightning is a severe hazard that must be viewed seriously.  Everyone should immediately seek shelter any time they believe lightning threatens them, even if a signal has not been sounded.

The City of Colleyville has the ThorGuard lightning prediction system in place at the Pleasant Run Soccer Complex.  It sounds one 15-second blast of the horn which signals everyone to suspend activities and immediately seek a safe shelter such as inside a car or buildling.  (If equipped, a strobe light will begin flashing and remain flashing until safe conditions return).

You may resume activities after three 5-second blasts of the horn are sounded and the strobe light, if equipped, stops flashing. If you remain outdoors after the warning is issued, you do so at your own risk!!!

Colleyville Soccer Complex at Pleasant Run

The Colleyville Soccer Complex at Pleasant Run is comprised of both Game Fields and practice fields maintained by the City of Colleyville Parks and Recreation Department.

During the Spring and Fall soccer seasons, any team utilizing the practice fields must be registered through CSA and have contacted VP of Fields in order to secure a practice field day and time.  During the recreational offseason, any team wishing to use the fields must register with the Colleyville Parks and Rec in order to utilize the practice fields on a first come first serve basis.

Game Fields - 6501 Pleasant Run Rd, Colleyville, TX 76034  - map

CSA Fields

Spectators must sit between the end lines on the opposite side of the fields from the two teams, no exceptions. Please do not walk across the fields before, during or after the game!

Practice Fields

Practice Fields - 6707 Pleasant Run Rd, -Colleyville, TX 76034 - map

CLICK HERE for Spring 2019 Practice Field Assignments

In 2016-17, CSA partnered with Colleyville Parks & Rec. to fund major improvements to the practice fields over the summer of 2017.  These improvements included leveling, grading, installation of sprinklers and seeding.  In 2018-19, additional LED lights were added to practice fields 7-8-9-10.   More to come!

Not quite as green and lovely as the game fields but we are getting there!!