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Winter Futsal League 2018

Winter 2018 Futsal League

This year we are running our own Futsal League.  Most players will participate during their weekly indoor training session (some of our new & youngest Academy groups will do traditional skills training instead).


Futsal is an indoor version of soccer, played 5v5 on a basketball court or gymnasium floor.  Futsal uses a harder (less bouncy) ball and smaller goals, with continuous subsitutions and kick-ins instead of throw-ins.  Futsal is fast-paced, focused on quick & accurrate passes, shooting and foot skills/ball control. All of this is excellent for technical development as well as loads of fun!

Specific Evo teams have been scheduled together to facilitate this, and coaches have assigned players to small-sided teams of 5-7 players, which will play 3-5 short games each week during their weekly 1-hour indoor training slot.  Futsal games are 10-15 minutes in duration. The number of teams, games and length of game will vary by league based on the number of players we have participating.