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    The Coaches Resource Manual IS DYNAMIC, updated almost constantly, so it tells you everything you need to know, from Key Dates on the calendar, season holidays, Monday Night Futbol dates, to how to register your assistant coach, how to order uniforms in the Spring, and so much more. It's searchable, reachaable from your mobile device, and being added to all the time!

    U4-U8 Recreational Boys & Girls Game Schedules

    Check back often...after posting GAME TIME AND LOCATIONS CAN/WILL CHANGE FREQUENTLY!

    U10-U19 Recreational Boys & Girls Game Schedules

    CHECK BACK AFTER SEPT 3, 2021. Game Schedules will go live a week prior to first games. Check back often...after posting GAME TIME AND LOCATIONS CAN/WILL CHANGE FREQUENTLY!

    Let the Refs Ref!

    Fall 2021 Soccer Season is right around the corner!

    Our seasonal COACHES MEETING TAKES PLACE Saturday the 7th of August at 9AM at Crown of Life Church.  Coaches training session by our Evo Director of Coaching takes place right after. If you're a parent THINKING about coaching, come out and join us! There's a lot of info passed along that you can't find anywhere else. 

    THE SEASON STARTS SEPT 11th! That's not far away. In the past we've started as early as the last weekend in August, just to have to take a holiday weekend for Labor Day and re-launch our season. In addition, it meant we had to rush to get the season off to a good start, and of course, it meant our kids played in the hottest part of the summer.  So Sept 11 makes sense for a lot of reasons. 

    Newbies, all you need to do is send your kids to practices and games with their cleats on, shin guards in place, and a ball and water bottle in hand.

    It's looking like we'll likely hit a record this year for soccer participation in Colleyville.  As our numbers tell you, we're largely or entirely (depending who you talk to) over the virus-induced insanity that preceded.  There will be no mandatory masks at game or practice fields (we never required those, taking the City of Colleyville's lead, we're outdoors, and arranged in smaller groups around a single soccer field), and we'll put both teams on one side of each field, ALL SPECTATORS ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE FIELD, just like we used to. If you are unvaccinated, please mask up and distance. If you are vaccinated but more comfortable masking up and/or distancing, do that. Every family is responsible for their own wellbeing, so we leave it to you to do what makes sense for your bunch. 

    We're looking forward to a great Fall season! You're a  big part of why we've been so successful.  Thank you for being a part of Colleyville Soccer. 

    Patrick Dunagan, President - Colleyville Soccer

    Referees needed! Make big money!

    This is probably the best job in all of Texas for a teenager!  Where else can you make $18 or $24/hour for reffing 4 to 8-year-olds for 45 minutes or so at a time on a Saturday? That fee goes all the way up to $65 for a 90-minute game for a center ref for our oldest ages (no, we won't schedule your 13-year-old to ref a U15 game! No worries!). 

    The process to become a referee is pretty easy. Go to for details.  Training is provided by North Texas State Soccer Association, the governing body over all 95 soccer associations in North Texas.

    Once you have completed the needed training, contact to be listed as a ref for the coming season in Colleyville.  Easy peasy!

    Are you a former ref and need to update your registration for another year to be able to ref for Colleyville? Click Here for detail on what you need to do. It's even easier!

    Need more convincing? Email or now for more info.

    Evo competitive soccer

    Evolution Academy and Select Programs are handled separately.  If you are interested in Evo, and are not already in touch with our coaches, please check out the Evolution Page of this site for more info.

    Evolution Schedules

    Evolution Academy and Select teams play in many different leagues. Links to each are on the Evo Teams page.

    Calling all soccer refs!

    Colleyville Wants YOU!

    Please click on our Referee Tab for more information


    Serena Smith, Coach-of-the-Year 2020-2021

    Our Sponsors

    These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing sponsors and thank them for their commitment to our organization. They support youth sports in Colleyville in many ways: with financial contributions, by offering fundraising opportunities, by contributing their own time to CSA, or by providing facilities we use for our board meetings, coaches meetings, photo shoots and training sessions. When you drop by, be sure to mention you're with CSA, and thank them for helping make your child's youth sports experience wonderful!

    Crown of Life Lutheran Church and School, Colleyville

    6605 Pleasant Run Rd, Colleyville, TX 76034 (817)251-1881

    2701 Rio Grande Blvd Euless TX 76039 (Glade@121) (682)292-9315