The application is online and very easy to use. 

BE PREPARED: have your address book and/or school address book available, as you’ll be asked for contact names and numbers for a few references, including organizations you’ve belonged to, a teacher reference, and former or current employers. It also helps to work on the 500-word essay separately first, then you can just cut-and-paste it into your application when it’s time. Good luck. We’re so proud to have had you as a part of Colleyville Soccer Association.

You will need to provide FULL CONTACT INFO for yourself (including address, two phone numbers and an email address), a TEACHER REFERENCE and a NON-TEACHER REFERENCE (with email or phone contact info), as well as up to THREE EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES in which you participated (the dates you participated and a contact, with phone number for each). The essay is the most important part. Feel free to write it first, then copy and paste in into this online form, but if you can write on the fly, then just click the link and get started. We're so anxious to see your application. REMEMBER, we're a youth soccer association, so your soccer history is of greatest interest to us, as well as if you intend to continue playing any sport at all. We might be tempted to select a full-on soccer player, but awesomeness crosses all boundaries, and one year's winners included a baseball player, with a few consecutive winners being deeply involved in Lacrosse. Go figure.