2018-2019 (Two $2000 scholarships)

This might be you!


2017-2018 (Two $2000 scholarships)

Maura McGregor

Ben Adams


2016-2017  (Two $2000 scholarships)

Maria Anne Sumcizk

Ian Morrett McGregor


2015-2016  (Two $2000 scholarships)

Katlyn Mae Hutson

Chad David Sahinkaya


2014-2015  (Two $2000 scholarships)

Madison Lee Haas

Canaan August Castille


2013-2014  (Five $500 scholarships)

(Yes, for the first time ever, we awarded 5 scholarships, the applicants were THAT good!)

Brooks William Friedman

Jack Walker Niles

Chandler M. Clark

Brittini Taylor Van Bakel

Katherine Marie Naeger


2012-2013 (Three $500 Scholarships)

Lynne Harris 

Caleb James O'Dell 

Thomas Craig Keene, Jr 


2011-2012 (Four $500 Scholarships)

Christopher Hutson

Michael Sumczyk

Interestingly (and embarrassingly), we don't seem to have record of our remaining 2012 scholarship winners, nor any of our 2009 winners. If you recall the other two winners in 2012 or any of those in 2009, please forward that info to and we'll update this page!! Thank you in advance!


2010-2011 (Four $500 Scholarships)

Samantha Gibbs

Haley Jutras

Christian Clark

Sammy Keene


2009-2010 (Four $500 Scholarships)

Nicholas Roeming

Emily Glavan

Connor Foley

Gretchen Dekalb


2008-2009 (Four $500 Scholarships)

Ditto. No record. Please help! Thanks in advance!


2007-2008 (Four $500 Scholarships)

Christina Sattler

Mike Miller

Jim Webber