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    2020 College Scholarship Applications being accepted through May 17

    Click here now to complete the 2020 CSA College Scholarship Application. One young woman and one young man will receive a $2000 one-time check from CSA.  Applications accepted through May 17. Winners announced online on May 22. Consider completing the 500-word essay, "What CSA Has Meant to Me" in advance, so you can cut/paste it into the application. Also, have contact information for references as well as contacts for up to 3 extracurriculars you'd like us to consider as part of your application. Good luck to all our CSA graduating seniors!

    2020 Soccer Season will go on...with another delay!

    New Spring restart is likely to happen on May 30/31 or June 6/7, we're coordinating with the 15-member Northern Mid Cities Soccer League on our restart date.

    We learned a new phrase this year, "social distancing" has become a permanent part of our lexicon. Unsurprisingly, in this very odd Spring, CSA has moved all games intended for play  MAY 2 AND CONTINUING THROUGH JUNE 6 are being moved to dates within the anticipated time frame. NMCSL is having a conference call on May 3 to try to best tie down a start date! 

    Schedules will be tentative, but updated in the coming week. So as of now we will resume play on EITHER the weekend of May 30/31 or June 6/7 but of course will continue to assess on an ongoing basis. We will also be changing things around so families can better practice social distancing from other families on the sidelines. You'll likely see whole vacant fields while you play as we're going to keep folks farther apart, as well as we'll be removing (temporarily) all bleachers, and placing opposing teams and parents on opposite sides of each field to provide greater social distancing  space. 

    It's still a question as to whether we will be opening up the concessions stand, but you'll hear about it via email as soon as decisions are made. 

    It is our plan to also end the season by the July 4th weekend, and resume practices as soon as we can. Watch emails for details. 

    So as of now the plan is to have NO PRACTICES and NO GAMES for a few more weeks. 

    As we've mentioned before, when you take your kids for a walk, take a soccer ball, and have them dribble it the full time; their brains and bodies will be learning with every touch, and they'll be ready to play come our re-opening day. 

    Have a safe and healthy next several weeks. I look forward to seeing you on the pitch VERY soon!

    Patrick Dunagan, President, and the Board of Directors of Colleyville Soccer Association

    Evo competitive soccer

    Evolution Academy and Select Programs are handled separately.  If you are interested in Evo, and are not already in touch with our coaches, please check out the Evolution Page of this site for more info.

    Changes To The Laws of The Game

    New Changes to THE LAWS OF THE GAME are on the Coaches and Referees pages!


    Good Lord, we live in interesting times!

    April 29, 2020    COLLEYVILLE

    Well this is a season we'll be talking about for a very long time! The following was sent to parents and coaches a short while ago via email::

    Once again, unsurprisingly, we are going to reschedule the soccer season. With newest dictates from the Governor's office, the earliest we'll be able to re-start the spring soccer season will be the first weekend after school has officially ended, either May 30/31 or on June 6/7 depending on when our NMCSL partner associations can get rolling. We'll be updating schedules shortly to reflect that change following conference calls updates with our League and the North Texas State Soccer Association. 

    We will also be sending out new player, coach and family soccer guidelines to help us have safe practices and games. Those guidelines will outline how to best accomplish social distancing during a soccer match, and will likely even include having whole families sit 6-feet apart on the sidelines possibly with their player when the player is off the field, with each team and their spectators remaining on opposite sides of each field, allowing greater area  to accomplish this social distancing. 

    For U9 and up teams, the great news is that all 15 member associations of the Mid Cities Soccer League in which you compete, are working with CSA and all of our member associations will be restarting the spring season with us! We are working through the details, but barring any further dictates from the high castle in Austin, we will be playing very soon!

    CSA Parent Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Managers, as you know your background check renewals are needed as of June 1, and unfortunately there's no way to do them any earlier, so the first week of June will need to be a hurry-up including completing new background checks and doing the 15-minute SAFESPORT TRAINING update online. If this is your first time through the SAFESPORT TRAINING, it'll take a bit longer. Both are available from your Coaches account. If you need to do the longer SAFESPORT, this time period is a great way to get that done, leaving only the 15-minute update needed after June 1. 

    Our plans are a work in progress, so watch for emails. The season will take place almost entirely in the month of June as it stands, and should be over in time for the 4th of July weekend. Most teams have 6 or 8 games remaining on their schedules. 

    Thank you to all the parents who have emailed us asking us to please put on the season and not let it be cancelled. We hear you, and we agree. Our kids want to play, we want them to play, and as soon as we can, that's exactly what we'll do, with some modern alterations to the plan so we are all more comfortable with the situation in this unique time period. 

    Fall soccer signups will be opening soon as well. Go to to sign up for Fall Soccer once we have opened up the registration link for you. We will not open up the link until we know we can finish out the Spring Season as our backup plan might impact the Fall season and it's registration plan, so keep your eye on emails from us for updates!

    As you know, we are a nonprofit youth sports organization, and every penny we take in we spend each year ensuring the best possible experience for your kids. We appreciate your support of Colleyville Soccer, and are proud to have you as a member family! 

    See you on the pitch!

    ----------end of email text--------------

    So that's where it stands so far. More to come after conference call this weekend. The season remains a bit fluid, but it's solidifying nicely we think this time!

    See you on the pitch! (very soon, it seems!)

    Patrick Dunagan, President, Colleyville Soccer Association

    Coach of the Year

    2018-2019 Volunteer/Coach of the Year Announcement!!!

    • 2018-19 Brad and Christy Putty! Our first ever couple recipients! Brad and Christie either Coach, Assistant Coach or Second-Assistant Coach FOUR TEAMS at CSA, and each one of them are board members, too. Not just Board Members, but Commissioners, which are without a doubt amoung our most important roles. As I explained to Christy after she learned of the award at our Annual General Meeting, we had no choice but to award this year's Coach/volunteer of the year award to the two of them, because they work so closely and perfectly together, it's just not possible to divine where one stops and the other begins. Congratulations Brad and Christy! And thank you for your years of service past and yet to come! We love having you at CSA! 
    • 2017-18  Mallory Carr
    • 2016-17  Don Brigham
    • 2015-16  Paul Adams
    • 2014-15  Brandon Powers
    • 2013-14  Scott Rawlins
    • 2012-13  Julio Castaneda

    This is the annual award honoring a volunteer selected by the Board of Directors -- we are looking for the persons who selflessly DO IT RIGHT, who put their kids first, and who create a team environment that fosters teamwork, fair play, hard work and above all, character. 

    Do you think your coach should be considered for the next Coach of the Year award? Click here to contact our VP of Marketing and put in your pitch for your favorite CSA Coach!

    Calling all soccer refs: Colleyville wants you!

    CSA is seeking both youth and adult referees ages 13 and up. Earn on average $18 to $65 per game officiated! based on your age and referee certification level. Work your own schedule! Be an expert on the rules of the game! Earn the respect & admiration of your peers! Great exercise! Share soccer with your kids or friends! Contribute to your community! Helps develop character & sportsmanship in youth and builds better coaches and players. We want you!

    Interesting tidbit: Every CSA college scholarship winner for the past 6 years has been a ref in addition to a past player!
    People who love soccer can help the game by becoming a referee. If there were no referees, there would be no game. Refereeing is Responsible, Challenging and Satisfying, and will give you...

    • Enjoyment
    • Exercise
    • Commitment
    • Income
    • Job Experience
    • Communication skills
    • Increased confidence!!!!!!!!
    • People-management skills
    • Decision making skills under mental & physical pressure
    • College scholarship eligibility

    Re-certification of existing referees is accomplished by an online test found here.

    Initial certification as a referee is accomplished by successfully completing an online review of basic rules and either a 5 hour (Grade 9: U8 and below games, min. age 12) or 8 hour (Grade 8: U15 and below games, min. age 13) clinic. Local clinics are scheduled on weekends during January and August. Clinic info & registration can be found on this page.

    For additional information on becoming a referee, go to, or contact our VP of Referees at


    Field status updated no later than 4pm weekdays, 7am weekends when games are scheduled, with subsequent updates when/if conditions change.  If status is 'Pending' then check back late




    The Coaches Resource Manual IS DYNAMIC, updated almost constantly, so it tells you everything you need to know, from Key Dates on the calendar, season holidays, Monday Night Futbol dates, to how to register your assistant coach, how to order uniforms in the Spring, and so much more. It's searchable, reachaable from your mobile device, and being added to all the time!

    Game schedule links

    SCHEDULES ARE POSTED NEARER SEASON START. NOTE THAT SCHEDULES WILL CHANGE THROUGHOUT THE SEASON due to weather or other, so do check the schedules HERE often, don't put the games on your calendar and work only from there, as you could miss some games that way!!

    Always check your official schedule online every week.


    U4 to U8 Recreational teams play at CSA for SPRING 2020 ... CHECK BACK FREQUENTLY as schedules do change!

    U9-U19 Recreational Teams - Spring 2020

    U9 & up Recreational teams play against other area association teams in the Northern Mid-Cities Soccer League (NMCSL) ... CHECK BACK FREQUENTLY as schedules can and will change throughout the season!

    U6-U10 NTPSA Youth League - Spring 2020 Schedule links will be updated for FALL as soon as those schedules are published

    Most Evolution Academy (U6-U10) teams play in NTPSA's league on Sunday afternoons.

    CCSAI Boys Classic League (CL) 2019-20

    Evolution 08B Struminskyj and 09B McMillian play in the most competitive boys Select league in North Texas.

    Lake Highlands Girls Classic League (LHGCL) 2019-20

    Evolution 04G McMillian, 05G McMillian, 08G Boyle and 08G O'Shea play in the LHGCL, the most competitive girls Select league in North Texas.

    Plano Premier Invitational League (PPIL) 2019-20

    Many Evolution Select (U11+) teams play in the PPIL.

    Got Questions?

    Erin Benedict

    Marketing Director/Sponsorships/Registrar

    Patrick Dunagan


    Tommy Johnson

    Evolution Academy & Competitive

    Derrell Pitcock

    Vice President of Referees & A&D Chairman

    Our Sponsors

    These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing sponsors and thank them for their commitment to our organization. They support youth sports in Colleyville in many ways: with financial contributions, by offering fundraising opportunities, by contributing their own time to CSA, or by providing facilities we use for our board meetings, coaches meetings, photo shoots and training sessions. When you drop by, be sure to mention you're with CSA, and thank them for helping make your child's youth sports experience wonderful!

    Bear Valley Community Church, Colleyville TX

    7900 Precinct Line Rd Colleyville, TX 76034 (817)485-9910

    Compass Christian Church Colleyville TX

    2600 Hall - Johnson Rd, Colleyville, TX 76034 (817)906-1478

    Crown of Life Lutheran Church and School, Colleyville

    6605 Pleasant Run Rd, Colleyville, TX 76034 (817)251-1881

    2701 Rio Grande Blvd Euless TX 76039 (Glade@121) (682)292-9315

    Mooyah Burger, North Richland Hills, TX

    9127 Grapevine Hwy #140 NRH TX 76180 (817)605-6262

    Red Brick Pizza, Colleyville TX

    5615 Colleyville Blvd Colleyville TX 76034 (817)503-7979

    Jersey Mike's Subs, Colleyville TX

    4712 Colleyville Blvd #130 Colleyville, TX 76034 (682)325-4347

    The Londoner, YOUR SOCCER HEADQUARTERS, Colleyville

    5150 Colleyville Blvd, Colleyville, TX 76034 (817581-3577