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    The Coaches Resource Manual IS DYNAMIC, updated almost constantly, so it tells you everything you need to know, from Key Dates on the calendar, season holidays, Monday Night Futbol dates, to how to register your assistant coach, how to order uniforms in the Spring, and so much more. It's searchable, reachaable from your mobile device, and being added to all the time!

    URGENT need for Referees

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    Parents, we're not out of the woods, don't send sick kids to practices nor games!

    Interesting tidbit, soccer seems like the perfect Covid-era activity, and the lack of transmissions which are soccer-related seems to bear this out. Still, we have some rules of behavior and etiquette at practices and games that, if followed, will mean everyone can have a safe and fun season...There has been just one known transmission through soccer that we know of...and it was a kid sent to practice after being tested but without results returned...better judgment, please! We each have a responsibility to each other, so let's take great care of one another again this season!

    Some of the COVID information and guidelines have changed, so please Click on our COVID Tab under More +!


    AAron Watson and Ismael Orozco, we will miss you dearly

    We had a terrible week very recently.  TWO Evolution 02G players lost their dads, and CSA lost a couple of wonderful soccer parents. Heart wrenching. God Bless them. 

    Ismael Orozco, loving dad of Evolution 02G soccer monster Nicole  and her siblings, and sweetest-ever husband of Jacqueline, passed away on Feb 8th in Denton.

    Our hearts go out to the Orozco family. Ismael, we sill miss you on the sidelines, we'll miss your wit and your wonderful support of your girl that translated to her whole team. Many have asked if they can do something for the family, here's an option: Click here to go to the GoFundMe page set up by a friend of theirs 

    All of our best to Jacqueline, Nicole and the entire Orozco family. Please let us at Colleyville Soccer know how we can help now and in the future.

    Aaron Watson, team manager of Evo 02G and dad to rockstar keeper Cam Watson (and loving husband to Jane, adoring dad of Cam and Westin) was lost in the 130+ car accident on Feb 11 on I-35. Those who knew Aaron, and that was soooo many of us, are aching right now at the thought of not seeing him on our sidelines or on the bench with his team.  So many have asked what they can do, and a friend of theirs did set up a GoFundMe page you can reach by clicking HERE.

    Mary, Cam and Wes, our thoughts and prayers are with you. All of your friends at Colleyville Soccer are always here for you.

    If you can assist these families via the Gofundme accounts set up for both our dear CSA/EVO dads, I know the Watson and Orozco families would be very pleased to see support from their Colleyville Soccer community.

    Patrick Dunagan, President, Colleyville Soccer Asssociation

    Evo competitive soccer

    Evolution Academy and Select Programs are handled separately.  If you are interested in Evo, and are not already in touch with our coaches, please check out the Evolution Page of this site for more info.

    Evolution Schedules

    Evolution Academy and Select teams play in many different leagues. Links to each are on the Evo Teams page.

    Calling all soccer refs!

    Colleyville Wants YOU!

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    Let the Refs Ref!

    Our Sponsors

    These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing sponsors and thank them for their commitment to our organization. They support youth sports in Colleyville in many ways: with financial contributions, by offering fundraising opportunities, by contributing their own time to CSA, or by providing facilities we use for our board meetings, coaches meetings, photo shoots and training sessions. When you drop by, be sure to mention you're with CSA, and thank them for helping make your child's youth sports experience wonderful!

    Crown of Life Lutheran Church and School, Colleyville

    6605 Pleasant Run Rd, Colleyville, TX 76034 (817)251-1881

    2701 Rio Grande Blvd Euless TX 76039 (Glade@121) (682)292-9315