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2019 College Scholarship applications being accepted!

Colleyville Soccer Association's 2019 Scholarship applications are now being accepted. Please follow THIS LINK to submit your application!


The scholarship is open to any former CSA player that has spent at least 3 years playing for or refereeing for CSA. We do love our referees. Also, don't worry if you had to leave CSA at some point to pursue advanced soccer, there was a time when CSA didn't have an alternative to outside soccer clubs, and we know that as well as anyone. 

When ready, you'll need a 500 word essay on what CSA has meant to you; UP TO 3 extracurricular activities you'd like to tell us about; your current GPA; college you'll be attending; one TEACHER reference and one NON-TEACHER reference, and a bit of detail about yourself that should be easy. If you'll be playing soccer at your new school, tell us about it! It probably won't have an impact on the selection, but we love to hear success stories of our kids who go on to play the beautiful game in college!

Consider writing the essay separately so you can cut and paste it into the application, if you spend a lot of time writing, the web site might bump you off and lose all your work. It happened to me one year when I was testing the application but stopped in the middle to take a long phone call!

We are so proud to have you, or to have had you, as part of the CSA family, and we wish you only the very best as you move on in a whole new chapter of your lives! Congratulations all 2019 graduates!

CSA President Patrick Dunagan (far left) and Treasurer Gary Lunceford (far right) with our 2014 $500 Scholarship winners, Brooks William Friedman, Jack Warner Niles, Chandler M. Clark, Brittini Taylor Van Bakel and Katherine Marie Naeger